A few months before the pandemic, I attended a conference in Montana. During downtime I did tourist things, along with other attendees. Which is part of the attraction of conferences, of course, and one reason that tourist locations love to host them.

One of the attendees invited me to join him on the nearby lake for an afternoon in a rented boat. While we were waiting in line, I noticed a young woman, in her early twenties, I'd guess, who was handling rowboat and kayak rentals. She was in life vest and shorts, though she was on the dock. She clearly enjoyed her work, and was friendly and efficient with all of the renters.

How would it be if you were one of those people who likes to vacation in the same place year after year, and you had the chance to watch her grow up, but only for a couple of weeks every year, at the same time? What if you were her age, presumably vacationing with your parents, and had a romantic interest in her from an early age? If you were able to get close to her, how would the rest of your year be, knowing you'd get to see her again, but only after a long gap? At each visit, you and she would almost be different people. And you'd have a normal non-tourist life, while she'd have her seasonal tourist work, then (presumably) live in a town with friends who also had mostly seasonal work, with a winter in a place that must feel like a ghost town.

Of course it's vastly more complex than that, especially for seasonal work in Montana, where there's a skiing season, and where seasonal workers, even young ones, probably move there from other states; where the seasonal work itself might be like a paid vacation for a young worker.

But the idea of growing up with a potential romantic partner who you see only for a couple of weeks a year stayed with me. I've been thinking since then that I'd really like to turn it into a story.

As I said in the first post of this thread I've been reading some of my old stories (I often revisit them using the random story link on the main page, just to choose a story I'm not familiar with) and realizing that sometimes the situational boy-meets-girl boy-has-sex-with-girl stories that I've been avoiding for years can be a lot of fun. Since the mammoth effort of Quarantine, I've been looking for some simpler ideas to work on. Thus The Craft So Long To Lerne, which I like a lot more than I expected to.

Then, when I was looking for another idea, the idea of the seasonal love interest nagged at me. I decided to switch genders, because I wanted to write it from the perspective of the outsider, and the relationship dynamics seem to work better for the story if the point of view is the girl's. Plus the last two stories have been from the guy's point of view.

So there's The Vacation Place. Which may or may not be set in Montana (though it's hard to get away from huckleberries there), and most certainly is not set on the lake of my boating date, but I'll admit that place was what I used to do my Google research on night clubs and other aspects of the fictional setting. The resort certainly isn't there, since it isn't anywhere, the cove is imaginary. But we did see a bald eagle. Three of them on different perches. (I should also mention that the boat we rented was motorized. No sore arms and short ranges. Also (unfortunately) no staying on the water at night in a houseboat for sex under the stars. Maybe one day...)

I didn't plan the story direction beyond the initial meeting and the fact that the couple grew up through puberty together in their intermittent friendship, but I like where it ended up. I hope you will, too.