I mentioned on the forum that I'd posted a new and huge story. I should add a comment here so that it will ping the RSS feeds. For details (such as why it's so huge) see the forum thread.

The story is Quarantine

Note that it is about the pandemic. I hope I haven't made light of the situation. I've tried to create a story of hope in spite of the joylessness of the dark time that we finally seem to be coming out of (at least here in the US). Mask wearing and protecting yourself as well as others is a key feature of the story, as it is in all of our lives.

Nevertheless, you should consider this a trigger warning if either a story about the pandemic might be too raw, or if you object to stories that try to find points of brightness within the pandemic.

In other news, as much as I love my domain name, I realized it might not be ideal to have it appear in an inbox. So I've acquired an abbreviated / masked version that I can use for notifications from the site or correspond with readers. The new domain is fantos.org (FANTasiesOfSeduction = FANTOS).

So if you want to send me email, please contact me at helen@fantos.org and I'll reply from that address. Please include the word "Author" in the title, so that I can find your message among the spam.


Another story! Two published within two weeks. I don't think I've done that in many years.

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