8 years? Was that really my last entry? It looks like it was. I always though I'd come back to at least post a few updates.

Much has happened, as you'd expect, but I'm not going to go into any of it. If I ever start posting updates, maybe, but I don't think I will. My site and my diary have had their time.

I'm still writing, though, if at a very slow pace. I've had several stories on the back burner for years. During a two week vacation I decided to finish them. And back in February I posted one I'd wanted to finish for a long time. So there's Giving Solace, Cabin Fever, and Out of Doors. Out of Doors is one I've been working on since my last post, or thereabouts. It really is that old. When I say "working on", though, it's been sitting at about 80% for all of this time, and I just never found myself sufficiently motivated to do anything with it.

I re-read it on vacation and decided I quite liked it, so I rewrote a few seconds and put it and Cabin Fever online. And then, in a frenzy of zeal, I started a new story. And it grew, and grew, and ...

Suffice it to say that it is going to take some time to edit and clean up. It's my longest story ever, at about 30,000 words (over 1/4 the length of many novels). I've divided it into seven chapters, and it absolutely must be read in separate sittings, or everything's going to spill over and lose its interest. (The first two chapters probably should be read together. After that, pace them.)

It will be called Designs, when I post it. It has some pretty big departures from my usual writing, including a scene that isn't exactly consensual, but that I can't abandon because (in my biased opinion) it's hot.

More porn tropes, too, though I think they work in context. And more conflicted feelings and questionable behavior on the part of the protagonist. This one and Cabin Fever both feature male protags. It's hard for me to get really detailed about a guy's outlook and responses, but I've tried, and I think long-term readers will like both of them.

I really need to get back to a female voice for the next story. I have no ideas at this point, though.