As promised only 8 months ago (sigh), Designs is now online. It's different for me, as I mentioned way back then. I can't promise you'll like it. I think I can promise you'll like some of it. Maybe different parts for different readers. It's long enough that I hope you do find some of it you enjoy.

I'm not entirely certain myself that I'm happy with the overall story, though as a piece of erotica I am pretty proud of it. The story kinda wrote itself, and went in odd directions, but after it got there, I didn't want to redirect it, even if it wouldn't have been my first choice.

More traditional, for me, will be the upcoming F/F story, "Bonds of Friendship." I think if Designs isn't your mug of coffee, "Bonds of Friendship" may be. Though it's amusing to me how much of it grew out of one aspect of Designs.

You'll know it when you see it.

Expect that up within the next week. With the current coronavirus pandemic, I felt I should give a little towards those readers who've been around for so long and likely are bored at home.

Although, having said that, this will be my first story with a trigger warning. I began the story before coronavirus escaped its origin. Minor spoiler for a major plot point - it opens with a death from disease. If you are in fear of the current situation, or if you have lost a loved one to it, perhaps you should give the story a miss.