I blame it all on Laurel, for distracting me.

No, not like that. Not this time, but... yeah, it's still her fault.

I did decide to go to the twins' for dinner. I went early, to help them prepare, but there wasn't much to do, so Laurel showed me the computer game she's been playing. It's Dragon Age: Origins. I knew of it. It has been around for a while, but I'd never played it.

Well, Laurel has saved all of the "romantic" moments from the game, with every possible character combination. God only knows how much effort that took, but she can be pretty single-minded. I can imagine her obsessing about how to get the characters' affection levels just right...

Anyway, the story (rather than the sex scenes, oddly enough) intrigued me, and I've been playing the game since I picked it up the following day. It hasn't left me a lot of time to think, or write, or much else.

Before Amy arrived I asked Laurel whether she thought Amy knew what she was getting into. She showed me her recent phone messages.

Laurel to Amy: "You understand we're planning to seduce you?"
Amy to Laurel: "Yay!"

I wanted to know how she'd discovered Amy when we were at the gardens. Laurel said they'd been eying each other for a while, and that Amy had a most amazing smile. I guess I had been too preoccupied with Terrell and Mara to notice.

So Amy showed at seven, as promised, and we all had a good evening. Laurel's right; she has a permanently amused expression, but when she smiles it's a knowing look that's both demure and sexy. She has beautifully long, black hair and clear, pale skin, with a rich, alto Texas accent.

But whatever the text message trail promised, she drank very little and left before I did. She said she looked forward to getting to know us all much better, which placated the twins a little.

After she'd gone they tried (of course) to persuade me to stay, but I told them "Hey, now, I'm not your consolation prize!"

We heard from Amy a few days later. She has invited all three of us to a New Years' party. I'm going. The twins haven't yet decided, since they had other plans, but it seems that they'll probably change their schedule. I've offered to act as designated driver.


Ugh. No new year for me :(

I started with a cold just after Christmas. Thought I'd be over it by now, but it turned out to be not just a cold, and I've been in bed with flu for the last few days. And I had a flu shot this year.

I'm getting over it, I feel mostly okay now except when I start coughing, but I'm in no state to go to Amy's party tonight. Not to mention I really don't want to infect anyone else. I've called and apologized, and the twins are still going to be there.

I did have a flu shot this year, too.

Ah well, Happy New Year all!